Saxmax Championship Round 2 – 10th June 2006 – Brands Hatch

Hot and sunny conditions were a relief to the Saxmax grid as it would be our first dry race meeting of the season and as we all knew what to expect from a race weekend, it was hoped that the racing would be closer and more competitive. While Formula 1 was racing at Silverstone at the British Grand Prix, Saxmax raced at the other legendary British circuit Brands Hatch in a double race meeting weekend.

After Timed Practice it was extremely tight as only 1 second separated the midfield consisting of 12 drivers and most lap times were only divided by 10ths and 100ths of a second. However, despite my best efforts the phantom problems appeared not to have been cured from Donington Park and my car did not seem to have any “grunt” down the straights. I qualified a disappointing 19th out of 21, which left me feeling doubtful and frustrated.

The race, being the last of the day was more eventful than expected and starts had improved from most drivers making it a lot tighter into Paddock Corner. I managed to get a very good start and was pleased that I gained a couple of places into the first corner. Even though I got a good start and I caught others up through the corners, my car struggled down the straights and was unable to make much progress during the race. It then became a bit of an obstacle course on the track as the racing grew more competitive and wheel-to-wheel racing meant a lot of contact occurred between cars. During the race there was 4 separate racing incidents and pieces of bodywork were in the middle of most corners, including paddock corner which became a bit like a car park as 4 cars ended up stranded there! In the end I finished 14th which was a good solid result, but the car was still under performing.

Unfortunately, there is not much we can alter to the car to correct the problem before the next race tomorrow, so I do not think that I will be able to achieve a good qualifying position. My aim for tomorrow is to improve even more on the circuit and my driving to try and gain a few extra places and receive more championship points.

Amy Scarisbrick