Saxmax Championship Round 8 - 9th September 2006 - Oulton Park

As the Championship is drawing to a close, it is nice for a change in the season not to travel far from home, as Oulton Park is the nearest race circuit to where I live. This also meant that a lot of friends and family were coming to support me today so the pressure was on to perform in front of them.

Another bonus of the day was that it was bright and sunny which meant it would make life easier to try and tackle the challenging circuit, however it wasn’t going to be easy mastering the full track on the long circuit. The day didn’t begin well at all when I encountered a problem as soon as I left the pit lane in Free Practice. My car would not go faster than 50 mph and I struggled round 2 laps to try and pick up some pace. After having no luck I had to abandon the session and try and find out what was wrong. We then discovered that there were large amounts of dirt in the fuel filter and restricting the flow of fuel and hopefully was the cause of the problem in Free Practice, but only time would tell.

Due to me having no Free Practice, I still did not have much experience on the circuit and had the hard task of trying to set a decent lap time around the track. Unfortunately because of my lack of experience I qualified a disappointing 21st, but I was hopeful that my start and my strength of being consistent would help me during the race.

Off the start line, again I got a pretty good start and was lining up a couple cars to pass when the car in front started to rapidly slow down. I had to brake and find another way around which caused me to lose all the places I had gained. At the 2nd corner, one car had spun and it had caused a large incident involving 4 or 5 cars. I managed to narrowly avoid being hit by one and continued with my race. In a sense being held up at the start had helped me as otherwise I would have been in the centre of the accident. I had quite an eventful race as I started to make progress when the same car that held me up had spun, taking another car with him. Instead of letting me pass, he cut in front which caused me to slam on my brakes and also allowed a car that I had previously overtaken to get back past me. That same car also spun in front of me again during the race and tried to take me off by cutting me up, causing me to lose more places and also was extremely annoying as all the work I had put in was being stopped

As a result, I finished 15th which I was relieved with as I struggled with the track and the race itself had been difficult. Also at this race meeting Liam Macmillan took his 8th Saxmax victory out of a possible 8 and sealed the Championship with this race win at Oulton Park. I had enjoyed today because a lot of my friends and family came and watched me, which was much appreciated and even though the race meeting didn’t go as planned, I now know where I can learn and improve as a driver.

Amy Scarisbrick